House of Après — DUETTE


A symphony in a bottle, a party in your glass, this is a celebration of harmonies. 

A Sparkling Brut Beer, a harmonious blend of specially curated yeasts. Delivering the bubbles and characteristics you would expect from any good champagne, the flavours and aroma from any quality German Weiss beer and the crisp, sweet and refreshing finish for your satisfaction.

An 11.5% alcohol volume to amplify the good times.

Take your pick with either 75cl and 37.5cl.

Bottle conditioned, unfiltered and unpasteurised. Serve chilled and in a champagne glass. Popping the cork and spraying the bottle is encouraged in moments of celebration.

Made with Water, Barley, Sugar, Hops and Yeast – Brewed in Bristol with the finest craftsmen.

Delivered using innovative new cardboard Flexi-Hex packaging.


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